"Structures for the Improbable: expo’67" is a new video piece based on a perfect 16 minuets of super 8 footage taken by my father, of the world’s expo ’67 in Montreal. The contents thoroughly take the viewer through expo’67’s groundbreaking architecture, from the inverted pyramid by Canada to the massive sweeping slope of USSR’s rooftop and then onto Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic dome (plus a dozen more countries). Every structure was built to reflect the best from each country setting an example and revealing to the world how and what that country was all about, including how they see themselves; the government and the people. These temporary structures became portraits of these places. And thus rethinking or re-imagining their ideas of these countries. They contain an atmosphere where the viewer can feel the evolving texture of structure with their eyes and move around it with their bodies. It is a state of social architecture in flux where I want to carve out a different way of visual understanding and examining what humans impose on landscapes and impose on ourselves, ultimately to discover who we are.